We started Brandshop in the fall of 2015 because, as busy women ourselves, we didn’t have  time to discover the emerging companies and unique individuals in the art, fashion, and design worlds whose products and expertise we wanted to bring into our own lives.

Like many of you, shopping for us is a conscious decision and an exercise in self-expression. When we connect with a brand’s story, our enjoyment of our purchase—whether it’s a dress, a painting, or an heirloom-quality handbag—increases ten-fold. Unfortunately, we found that many of the products and companies that we were interested did not have the distribution power or marketing reach to get our attention.

Brandshop is a way to introduce—in person—sophisticated shoppers to an edited collection of emerging brands we think they’ll enjoy. It’s also a venue for those brands to reach an audience of women who will carry their brand’s message forward.

We our proud to announce the official launch of Brandshop MINISHOPs in the spring of 2017 with the mission of helping young, talented designers connect with the right women in new markets, and to give those women a simple and fun way to support the causes they love. These one-day events are held in partnership with a nationwide network of influential women.

– Laura & Hillary