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By March 17, 2017SPEAKERS

Libbie Summers, the face behind her Food-Inspired Life brand, is recognized as a food and lifestyle tastemaker in print, online and on-air. Her work has been seen in the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, Vogue, ELLE, Camille Styles, Glitter Guide, Redbook, People, Garden and Gun, Condé Nast Traveler, on the OWN Show, and many more.

She has authored three books. The 2014 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards, Sweet & Vicious –baking with attitude (Rizzoli, 2014), Brown Sugar (Short Stack Editions, 2014) and The NY Times 2011 Notable Book, The Whole Hog Cookbook (Rizzoli, 2011).

As one who wears many hats, Libbie also serves as the Creative Culinary Director of Terra’s Kitchen— an innovative meal delivery service sending healthy farm-fresh ingredients and fresh-prepped recipes to subscribers in an eco-friendly manner.

Libbie resides in Savannah, Georgia with one husband, one son, and one opinionated-dog. She maintains her body and body of work are both food inspired.

Brandshop is thrilled to have Libbie Summers join us as a speaker during our speaker series on Friday, March 24th at DJF Builders Designer Show Home in Raleigh, NC.

How did you get your start?
I started out below deck as a private charter chef aboard luxury sailing yachts. And yes, the Bravo TV show is exactly how it is. A few turns in the road lead me to becoming a set decorator for Martha Stewart and eventually a Culinary Producer for a variety of Food Network shows. Then the doors kind of blew open.

Describe a typical day in your office.
Since I’m on the creative end, no day is ever the same…ever. So I’ll just tell you what today was like. It was a lot of fun!!
•Morning creative meeting with my team for an upcoming video series.
•Storyboarding out two videos we are shooting tomorrow.
•Shopping and prepping for tomorrow’s shoot (this one involves rhubarb and a lot of it!).
•Building a backdrop for tomorrow’s shoot.
•Finalizing location for tomorrow’s shoot (weather change).
•Shooting and instagram story of the process.
•Late afternoon meeting with a photographer and prop stylist for an upcoming shoot.

You are the Creative Culinary Director at Terra’s Kitchen, which is a fairly young meal delivery service. Tell us about the concept and that role that you play at the company.
CEO, Mike McDevitt, was the brainchild for the company. He and his wife were having their first child and he wanted to bring back that special time he had around the dinner table with his family each evening when he was a kid. When I initially met with Mike, it was that concept of the folks sitting around the table being more important that what’s on the table that touched my heart. The goal was how can we do both in a healthy way that’s better for than the environment than our competitors.

Since we are a start-up, I wear many different hats within Terra’s Kitchen…we all do, although mine are the fun colorful hats! I oversee all recipe development, art director for still and motion photography, brand gatekeeper and brand Ambassador. I’m exhausted just typing it all!

Most exciting moment in your company’s history?
It has to be the day we started shipping Nationally. We were test marketing for nearly a year on the West Coast, but that day when I was able to get my first order at my own home in Savannah, GA was a very exciting day. I think it’s safe to say everyone in the corporate office in Baltimore felt the same way.

Best business advice you’ve ever received?
Build something 100 people will love, not 1 million people will “kind of like”.

A female entrepreneur who inspires you.
Hands down “Miss O”, Oprah! Of course her work ethic and business acumen, but most importantly it’s her humanitarian efforts that make her a hero in this world.

Three things you can’t live without.
Breakfast with my husband.
My hands in dough.
My son’s smile.

What’s next?
For Terra’s Kitchen, we are always thinking 10 steps ahead. Our goal is to be the company you trust to supply you with the PERFECT items you need to make every day an easier day, leaving more time for you to spend with those you love.

Words to live by.
You have to say no to good things so you can say yes to great things.

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